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Catch Emmanuel Ray on Stonewall Live USA's 1st international broadcast! Thursday, April 14th 4 PM EST (UK time 9pm)

Emmanuel Ray photo by Lens Appeal

Britain's First It Boy Emmanuel Ray will be appearing on Stonewall Live Radio's first ever international broadcast tonight Thursday 14 April at  09:00 PM (4 PM EST). The socialite will be chatting to host Nate Klarfeld, discussing a variety of topics ranging from his personal life to supporting charitable causes, his column Diary of an It Boy and upcoming book and events.

Stonewall Live! is often referred to as the best in Gay and Lesbian book, film, and media talk. Nate Klarfeld, author, community activist and former board chair of The Stonewall Library Museum Archive, recently launched blogtalk radio program, Stonewall Live! After spending many years organizing book talks and author signings at The Stonewall, he felt a wider audience could share Gay literature and culture with the new medium of Internet radio.  Started just a few weeks ago, the show has gained traction attracting American Library Association book award winners, editors of national magazines, and media and TV personalities.

"It is an honour to be picked to appear on the first ever international broadcast of such an iconic project!" said Emmanuel Ray. "With the world getting smaller and gaps between communities being bridged, I admire Stonewall Live's work in supporting both established and up & coming LGBT talent. The international broadcast can be accessed from anywhere in the world and Stonewall seems to be doing a great job in mirroring the multi culturalism and diversity in our communities and societies," he added. 

Best selling openly gay author of one of the hottest selling self help books, “The Brain Mechanic”, Spencer Lord was one of the first guests on Stonewall Live! Sean Strub, founder of POZ magazine and an early leader of the HIV activist movement has also been a guest. ACT-UP recently did a great interview.  In the upcoming weeks look for Reichen Lemkuhl from Logo TV’s ‘The A List’, as well as authors of Young Adult gay literature, bloggers, and new media experts.

“What surprised me is that in the first few weeks we had over 2500 distinct IP address downloads of the archived interviews.  For Gay and Lesbian literature this is huge.” Says Nate Klarfeld, producer and host of Stonewall Live! Since the downloads and live listens can be tracked , it was a pleasant surprise that many of them have come from iPhones, smartphones, Facebook, and the Twitter account (#stonewalllive) meaning that a younger demographic has picked up on gay literary culture. In the coming weeks the show will be doing several on location broadcasts, “Equality Across Campus” from the Gay Straight Alliance at Broward College on April 13th, 2011 and “Voices of Pride” from Pridefest 2011, March 12-13, 2011.

Stonewall Live! will also feature writers from the Distinguished Author Series of The Stonewall Library Museum Archive in Ft. Lauderdale. The show is live on Thursdays at 9:00 PM EST with an interactive call-in and chat room for questions and comments. You can tune in and also hear past episodes of Stonewall Live! by logging on to

Catch Emmanuel Ray on Stonewall Live USA on Thursday, April 14th 4 PM EST (UK time 9pm) Click Here for promo.

Emmanuel Ray, also known as The Working Socialite
regularly contributes both on air and on line focusing on style and showbiz. Press credits  includes BBC One, RTE Ireland, World Fashion Channel, Fashion TV, Vogue TV, Brit Asia TV, Gaydar Radio's Breakfast Show, Homovision TV, Break London Radio, Superstar Magazine and various other web channels and publications. He was also picked to represent the British LGBT community with a special cover feature on My Kali Mag, the first gay lifestyle magazine in the Middle East.   

Emmanuel Ray photo by Prince Dee.

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