Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sensation Modern Fine Art Gallery hosts first International Artists’ Group Exhibition London

Erotic art by Julius Lewandowski
Sensation Modern Arts Salone (Fine Arts Gallery) is hosting their first ever International Artists’ Group Exhibition at the newly opened London West Bank Gallery in Notting Hill, from 2nd June to 16th June 2011.

Russian gallerist Sophie Dare, Head of Sensation Modern and organizer of Contemporary Art Exhibition, “Dreamt in the City” in January 2004, says it took her nearly a year to put pieces together, which now manifesting in this Event. “I wanted to present a collective exhibition showcasing works by both established and upcoming artists both from Britain and beyond,” she said. “Rather than host a standard art exhibition, I wanted the setting to be relaxed, informal and somewhat party-like in atmosphere, I called it “Art Salone”, where all the arts meets & mix, create a new fusion of fresh ideas for future collaboration in arts.  Apart from the visual treat created by our talented artists, guests will also be able to enjoy the music, fashion and comedy,” she added, while leafing through a coffee table book containing works of artist Anthony John Gray. Gray, a much needed and valued artist for today’s generation of art enthusiasts for his love for graphics, will also be launching his work at the exhibition. His work also includes pop art inspired by Fashion Icon Kate Moss.

Sophie adds about Gray – “Anthony Gray’s collage-like juxtapositions, which often seem to endow women with power and enigma, fuse structure and the search for the ultimate freedom into form that emanates from a place beyond subconscious production.”

Saturday Friends Party by Jeremy Baldocchi

Louis-Philippe, d’Austricourt and Charles-Henry d’Austricourt, Princes of Arganville, New York, are patrons of the Exhibition. Britain’s first It Boy Emmanuel Ray will be playing host to the event and will also oversee the organizing via his promotions company Socialite Evenings Ltd. “I know how passionate Sophie is about showcasing this visual treat of to all art lovers. When she asked me to work with Sensation Modern Gallery, I could not say no,” he says.

Other presenters include Model and VIP Hostess Kelly Dawson and actress and singer Kate Thomas, who will also be singing at the event, accompanied by a jazz band. Richelle Dynae-Rudeen, the British Designer that graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, will be showcasing her burlesque inspired theatrical costumes on the night. With her acute interest in transcending costume as an art, Richelle explores the dynamic use of alternative materials - incorporating structural elements into costume.

Never before shown works of late Russian artist Anatoly Zverev, will be on display at the exhibition. A member of the non-conformist movement and a founder of Russian Expressionism in the 1960s, Zverev was persecuted by the Soviet authorities. His first solo show in Russia didn’t take place until shortly before his death in 1986. Bob Allen, an internationally acclaimed contemporary artisan and recipient of the Public Irish Common Award, is one of the featured artists at the event along with Julius Lewandowski- the polish born artist, chosen specifically by Sensation for his intoxicating images that leave an indelible echo in the mind. Jeremy Baldocchi, a young artist working with moving art, addressing his desire to distinguish a relationship between what we think and what we see, will also be present at the event, as a featured artist.
Never before seen work by George Andre Henri Pierru, Alexander Kremer, Boris Anikin, Christina Phillips, Hildegarde Handsaeme, Elena Orlova Afinogenova, Semen Johov, Olga Chertova, Jessica Suarez, Valery Rybakow, Dmytro Dobrovolsky, Simon Kozhin, Sergey Chertov, Jeremy Ellul, Nural Yilmaz, Sergey Sidelev, Rimma Gagloeva, Ilya Myshkin, Aram Kaputsyan, Julia Moiseeva and Victor Raspopov will also be shown.

The presenters of the event will be made up and styled by Make Up 2 Dazzle. The event will be covered by photographer Adam Dale and filmed by Karow communications. The private view is by invitation only and is not advertised in the public domain. Two special themed nights, confirmed by Sophie Dare, will be open to the public and announced shortly, which would include live entertainment, comedy and fun. There will be some amazing surprises for the audience in attendance, to add to an already vibrant and dazzling spectacle of an event.
Americana Art by Anthony John Gray

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