Thursday, 26 May 2011

Socialite Evenings at Sensation Modern International Artists' Group Exhibition Closing Night

Red Head in the bath by Julius Lewandowski
Sensation Modern Arts Salone (Fine Arts Gallery) is hosting Socialite Evenings by Emmanuel Ray, at their first ever International Artists’ Group Exhibition at the newly opened London West Bank Gallery in Notting Hill, on 16th June 2011.
Russian Art Collector Sophie Dare, Founder of Sensation Modern, has spent over 9 months to carefully select and source eclectic pieces of art, which now culminates in this exhibition. We have endeavoured to present a collective exhibition, showing works by both established and up and coming international artists.

Works by Julius Lewandowski, the Polish born artist noted for his erotic, sexual and provocative images with an understated hint of satire, will be showcased for the first time. His unconventional approach to portraiture, inspired by the painters of the Ancien Regime and the libertinesque writers of Europe, with his very own and personal interpretation, catapults his works firmly into the 21st Century. 

Rather than host a conventional art exhibition, we have tried to create an atmosphere within this exhibition, which is both informal, provocative and engaging. Emulating the “Art Salon Style” of the Belle Époque and 1930’s Berlin, in which art can evolve and rejuvenate, thus creating a new platform for innovative ideas.

Emmanuel Ray
Anthony Gray’s collage-like juxtapositions, which often seem to endow women with power and enigma, fuse structure and the search for the ultimate freedom into a form that emanates from a place beyond subconscious production. We are also inordinately proud to be able to announce that Anthony will personally be launching his comprehensive book, which includes all of his major works and also many unseen works to date, created during a career spanning over 45 years.

Never before shown works by the late Russian artist Anatoly Zverev, will be on display at the exhibition. A member of the nonconformist movement and a founder of Russian Expressionism in the 1960s, Zverev was persecuted by the Soviet authorities and his first exhibition in Russia did not take place, until shortly before his early death in 1986. It is noteworthy that one of his greatest admirers was Pablo Picasso himself.  

Bob Allen, an internationally acclaimed contemporary sculptor, is one of the many featured artists at the event alongside Julius Lewandowski. The Polish born artist, noted for his unconventional approach to portraiture, inspired by the painters of the Ancien Regime and the libertinesque writers of Europe, with his very own and personal interpretation, which catapults his works firmly into the 21st Century. His somewhat intoxicating images of an erotic and sometimes even sexual nature are provocative with that understated hint of satire.

Kelly Dawson
Never before seen work by George Andre Henri Pierru, Alexander Kremer, Boris Anikin, Christina Phillips, Hildegarde Handsaeme, Elena Orlova Afinogenova, Semen Johov, Olga Chertova, Jessica Suarez, Valery Rybakow, Dmytro Dobrovolsky, Simon Kozhin, Sergey Chertov, Jeremy Ellul, Nural Yilmaz, Sergey Sidelev, Rimma Gagloeva, Ilya Myshkin, Aram Kaputsyan, Julia Moiseeva and Victor Raspopov will also be shown.

Britain’s First It Boy Emmanuel Ray will be hosting his popular Socialite Evenings by Emmanuel Ray gathering on the closing night of the International Artists’ Group Exhibition.Model & VIP hostess Kelly Dawson will also be presenting at the event.

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